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Student's Console

This feature enables downloading of the recorded lesson from the teacher's console. The student can listen to the native speaker’s lessons and pronunciations see video clippings and read the text. The student has provision to type the text material on the screen. The student can repeat the lesson assigned by the linguist, record, and replay.Continous repetition of the correct pronunciation gives fluencyThis paves way to excellent communication.The student can be part of a group discussion. Correction in case of any erratic pronunciation is possible by the linguist.

Instructor's Console

This linguist software is provided with control function to monitor all student positions. With this, various batches, their session timings and their respective lessons can be organized. The unique feature of options for listening to the native speakers and the student’s voice separately and stopping the action at selected student position for giving instructions. enable personalized attention. Linguist can view the video and text and also hear the sound of the assigned material. Broadcasting facility is available. Linguist coordinates the group discussion.

Offers complementary materials for students at all stages of language proficiency; Lower Kindergarten to Post Graduate and Professional Courses. All students cannot but improve their knowledge of a language/communicative skill from the positions that they were in at the start of the course. Language Lab opens for them a new window of opportunities in the global job scenario. The opportunities at Call Centers, Nursing jobs, Medical transcription, personal or telephonic interviews from potential employers from the East, West, North or South, can be enhanced through efficient communication


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